Monday, July 13, 2009

1st weeks yet to come..

1st week at UiTM...

A very bored week of the year..

Like a annually bored week for this years(to be frank).

Orentation week!!!

Seven day of cruel and ragging..

Full of childish activity..

Not cool at all..

New student of this huge university been orentated like a 5 year old kindergarden kid..


what is that for??

you should be more matured to teach us...

we're all came here for degree..

not for UPSR ..

be more mature please..

all of the activity same like my school orentation a few years ago..

what will happen if I take Master after this..

is this the kind of orentation will you give??

how for 45 years old man want to further their study..

will you ask them to singing, dancing and clapping like a 5 years old kid..



I repeat..


I prefer to hear all the speech by the VC and lecturers although they included politics(not suppose to included politic part)...

rather than hearing the senior student talking nonsense about their experience..

some of them cheating and adding some experience that not happen to them...

For me seven days of orentation was too long to us..

by seeing the pack time table with a kid junk activity..

it can be compress for only three days..

why should we spent more time with the senior??

they all seem like a bully rather than a guider...

hope this bored weeks will not yet come..

Last but not least...

Im now already a student of UitM...

Join us to feel this bored weeks..